Trying to find a game, but I don't remember the title

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kevin248 il y a 1 an

I'm trying to remember a game Markiplier once played, but I seriously can't find it on YouTube for some reason. I'm wondering if anyone here might know the name.

I believe it was a point and click game. If I remember correctly, it was pixelated, too.

The game starts the player off in a desert where they must find shelter against, I believe, bugs (I don't remember exactly). The player must survive several types of nights like this. During the day, they collect materials to protect themselves and others from "events" in the night. The final mission was to transfer the players' consciousness to another's because the moon was being blown up.

I appreciate the help!! Have a great day, everyone!

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alextremblay il y a 1 an

Go to gaming forums, you will surely find an answer



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shalimroth il y a 1 an

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