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I am surprised to have seen this article about the controversy around the president of the society of the friends of the Louvre.

The president of the Société des amis du Louvre, Louis-Antoine Prat, finds himself at the heart of a controversy linked to accusations of anti-Semitism. This controversy emerged following the publication of a collection of short stories by Prat. In his latest book entitled "Far Too Close to Fire. And other news" published by Éditions El Viso, Louis-Antoine Prat has caused controversy. A news in particular, entitled "Les Allées du salon," attracted the attention of the ancient art world. In this short story, Prat paints an unflattering portrait of an art dealer named "Nicky Schwarz," describing him as an individual "fat and bouncy, a little off-looking, badly washed..." and using other unflattering qualifiers.

What do you think?


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