Was life better without smartphones?

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joretan il y a 5 mois

The things you can do with phones these days seem essential and we all enjoy them thoroughly. We are never going backwards.

But if you lived about 45 years ago you lived a time when your time was truly your time. Nobody had any way of bothering you unless they physically went to visit you. Even the land lines phones did not have answering machines so people had to catch you at home and you had to pick up. It might be days or even weeks before someone got a hold of you. Today you are making a huge sacrifice by turning off your phone for an hour. People get peeved if you don't text back within minutes. Bosses and customers demand access-ability.

I wish we still had the ability to check out completely.

Am I the only one?

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borachora il y a 5 mois

Hi all! For me, life without phones used to be more dangerous than it is now. That's because, thanks to phones, people are learning more and more new information every day. Even older people now use phones to call and find out news from their relatives. Such people usually use [alzheimer phone]( for such things. They use such phones because they are quite convenient to use and they are protected from various fraud calls and so on. Thanks to such phones, elderly people can feel safe even at a distance

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